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About Mxsterminds

Mxsterminds is a series all about how queer Africans are making big, brilliant and bold moves in different spaces and industries. The online documentary series is la journey that takes you through the professional and personal narratives of incredible individuals, doing incredible things. A HOLAAfrica! Production. MxsterMinds: For The Culture.

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Often when people ask queer/LGBTQ folx about their lives or to speak on a topic it always centres around their sexuality, no matter what other aspects make up who they are. This project seeks to complicate that narrative and spotlight how queer Africans are showing up in diverse spaces in a range of ways. This project is all about expanding conversations around queer identities as queer people are more than the narrow way the world sees them. At the same time, MxsterMinds explores how sexuality can intertwine with and influence one’s life path outside of the intimate realm. The documentary series not only shows queer people as leaders and titans of their industries but also seeks to guide and inspire other queer (and non-queer) folx out there wanting to chart a path in this big complicated world. Upon encountering these Mxsterminds slaying in media, medicine and activism and more, we hope that other LGBTQIA+ people will know that they too, can move through the world and set it ablaze.

We found our wise and brilliant guests through a mix of desktop research, approaching and engaging people in different contexts about their faves and mentors, and by getting recommendations. A few social media searches also helped us see who is living their best life career-wise.

HOLAAfrica (HOLAA!) is a Pan-Africanist digital platform that focuses sex and sexuality on the continent through archiving stories, knowledge production & edutainment, as well as digital community building through creating spaces that deal with safe sex, pleasure and other aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity politics. With a network spanning podcasts, books, a website and social media channels, HOLAAfrica is all things African sex, sexuality and sex positivity.

The theme song for the series is Wo Fie by Angel Maxine, a transgender Ghanaian musician and activist who is also part of Mxsterminds!

This whole project is all about adding new voices and experiences to the queer narrative and expanding it. We want to make sure that people are aware that the African LGBTQ+ community is here, queer and doing incredible magical things that shift the cultural zeitgeist by enhancing and evolving African culture. We are here For The Culture

Yes it does. Folx who blessed us with their wisdom include gender non-conforming (GNC) people, lesbians, pansexuals, trans folx, people who identify as bisexual, cisgender gay men and even some people who don’t want to be labelled.

To capture the magic, different crews were hired in different countries. These crews were made up of queer, GNC and women filmmakers, make-up artists, lighting and sound technicians and researchers.

MxsterMinds is all about that Pan-African vibe and so far the project has filmed in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa and we aspire to visit to collect and share many more stories from across the region.

No cash money is being made from this project. It is all about the centring these fascinating narratives and calling attention to the greatness of the Mxsterminds featured. We’re doing it for the culture.’